Sellers & Josephson ™ offers a unique printing technique that allows our clients to expand their creativity to greater heights with large scale repeat capabilities as well as murals. Our screen-printing production facility can produce a final product on many substrate options, such as vinyl, paper, natural grasscloth, and more.

Bring your imagination to life with our Design Center, and give your customers a long lasting impression

silk-screen printing, is carried out by using flat mesh screens held within a frame. The design image area is reproduced onto the mesh screen. The screen or mesh area is covered with a resist, such as wax, which plugs or blocks all of the screen openings, except in the area of the design image. Ink is then applied to the flat screen. A rubber squeegee is then used to push the ink along the screen surface. In this way ink is forced through the openings in the design area onto the wallcoverings. Ink cannot be applied in the areas previously blocked by the resist. One screen is needed for each color. This process is most often used for specialty and customized products.