Our Company

We are Sellers & Josephson, a leading American manufacturer of contract vinyl wallcovering. We are considered amongst the most competitive producers of contract quality vinyl in North America and Europe. Given the current emphasis on international cooperation, Sellers & Josephson has evolved as the market has changed into more of a global village.
Our products are fire and smoke certified meeting specifications required in commercial markets. We stock over 2000 references of light and medium weight vinyl wallcoverings on cotton backing. In addition, we have an in-house design staff equipped with state of the art equipment. This allows us to close-match most design-types and reproduce an alternative often at a significant savings in cost.
In the past forty years, since Sellers & Josephson started producing vinyl wallcovering, we have become known as the "provider of wallcovering" through our worldwide reputation for excellence. We are cultivating a wide variety of high-quality patterns that exhibit the creativity of Sellers & Josephson and to respond to the ever-changing market. Although we specialize in the manufacturing of vinyl wallcovering, as a "hands on manufacture", we offer a complete range of services for export, such as delivery to your door, special pricing on projects, pricing in most foreign currencies, documentation, and export packaging.
Sellers & Josephson has made strides in leisure industries; many hotels, golf resorts and casinos can boast of the fact that they have Sellers & Josephson Wallcovering adding splendor to their motif. Not to mention the fact that we continuously see an increase of our patterns being specified for hospitals, corporate buildings, and worldwide construction projects.
In a world of globalization, has evolved in Enviromentally friendly projects in an effort to contribute to a global Enviroment. Based on the theme "to preserve the irreplaceable earth" we use non-polluting materials to bring to the market an Enviromentally friendly product.
We will continue to establish products meeting markets and stimulating demand. We already have established distribution that spans the world; long in Europe, strong in the U.S. and powerful in Asia. Our export division, located in the U.K., has allowed us a profound position with EC integration and distribution in Eastern Europe; with the scale of various projects increasing every year.
As the world economy welcomes a more "borderless" age, the role of Sellers & Josephson toward internationalization is significant. We will continue to strive to meet the needs of the world market by offering improved products, styles, support, planning, and execution of new collections.

Sellers & Josephson Wayne N.J.